Shop for Big Face Watches

Military watches are becoming the first choice for a growing number of people when choosing their next timepiece. But what is it that sees these watches growing in popularity? Well for one just take a look at the designs from some of these watch brands, they are big, stylish and in your face and they definitely get more than their fair share of attention!

So what military watch brands should we check out? Their are many great brands that should be looked all offering different things. Take a look at some of the most popular brands below.

Top Military Wrist Watch Brands

U-Boat Watches
U Boat Watches

Devised in 1942 but only coming to lightin 2002 the U-boat watch line took the watch world by storm! Seen on the wrists of celebrities such as David Beckham it has been the must have watch in recent years. The thousands of feet and the Flightdeck models are superb watches.

Panerai Watches
Panerai Watches

Originally used by the Italian navy these watches are now one of the most sought after timepieces today. The range is based around two amazing models, the Radiomir and Luminor

Bell & Ross Watches
Bell & Ross

Made for people in extreme professions such as deep sea divers, fighter pilots and bomb disposal experts the Bell and Ross watch range which includes its distinctive square face models.

Industry watches

With military inspired watches the Industry range offers some of the most impressive big faced watches. Large faces are definitely a re-curing theme here. Must see models include the B-29 and the B-26. The other must see thing is the very reasonable prices!

IWC watches

IWC are at the luxury end of the watch market. Known as International Watch Company they have created some of the finest watch models available. Take the Big Pilot watch and the Top Gun Double Chronograph as an excellent example. Amazing timepieces.

Laco watch

Producers of classic pilots watches, Laco were used by the Luftwaffe in WW2. With the over sized easy read faces they provide us today with striking looking watches.

fortis watch

As used by the Hungarian air force the Fortis military pilots watch is a superb timepiece.

graham watch

With a military theme running through the Graham watch range inspiration has been taken from many sources including RAF bombers where precision timing was key.

With the over sized trigger mechanisms these watches are sure to be noticed.

welder watch

Brought to you by the designer of U-boat watches it soon becomes clear with the similarity of the designs. There is, however, one big difference and this comes by way of the price. With the over sized and robust designs the Welder watch collections definitely warrants further exploration.

tw steel watches
TW Steel

TW Steel are producers of creative timepieces that are based on Swiss and Japanese technologies.