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Bell & Ross watches was born in the early 1990s by a team of visionary designers and specialists of aircraft controls. Their project was to stay with traditional Swiss watch making while at the same time time meeting the demands of extreme situations professionals may face.

Made For The Extreme

Bell & Ross WatchesResisting dangerous pressures, bearing extreme temperatures and undergoing violent acceleration are just a few extremities that certain trades face.

Bell & Ross examine these extreme situations along side the very professionals that are involved such as bomb disposal experts, pilots, divers and astronauts. The aim is to provide these people with an ally not just a tool.

Bell & Ross watches have four fundamental principles for those professionals that require tools with optimum reliability, these are: Readability, Functionality, Precision, Water Resistance.

Bell & Ross has been manufacturing in its own production unit in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland since 1996. All of the master watchmakers assemble, develop and carry out all major adjustments to the Bell & Ross watches.

It doesn't matter how complex the mechanics of the watch are, the art is revealed in the precision of the measurements, rigor of controls and care given to every working stage.

Bell & Ross Watchmaking Reference

Bell And Ross BR01 Phantom Watch

The Bell & Ross instrument with Grande Complication: a Tourbillon, a power reserve indicator, a regulator, a precision indicator.

Swiss master watchmakers and Bell & Ross joined forces to create an exceptional movement in a state of the art timepiece.

Bell & Ross Jumping Hour WatchVINTAGE JUMPING HOUR

This was the first watch to have jumping hour and power reserve. An absolute masterpiece of ingenuity, this is the creation from a collaboration between Bell & Ross and Swiss master watch maker Vincent Calabrese.

It combines the complexity of a mechanical movement with the simplicity of a new reading system.

Bell & Ross Hydromax WatchHYDROMAX 11,100M

This Bell & Ross timepiece holds the world water resistance record. This was due to the introduction of liquid into the case giving the watch perfect water resistance and masters incomparable readability.

It can withstand a pressure of 1,110 bar or a depth of 11,100 meters.



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