Fortis Watches

In Grenchen, Switzerland in 1912, a man by the name of Walter Vogt founded the Fortis watch factory. On the 25th anniversary of their founding, they released their first chronographs. Since then, over the years, they have made mechanical alarm watches, won awards, and become the first manufacturer of automatic watches.

They have also been highly involved in space exploration missions, creating watches for the pilots on numerous expeditions. If these watches are so well made they can survive the pressure of being flown into space, they can probably withstand anything you would put them through for many years to come.

Fortis B 42

Fortis B 42The B 42 watch is a basic and bold member of the Fortis collection. It has two variations, and though they both have a lot to offer, one is a little more detailed and has a couple more features than the other. The more basic one has a diving bezel, a date ticker, second, minute, and hour hands, and the traditional number markings along with an outer ring of second markings.

Entirely black with white labeling, the Fortis B42 watch is a modern-looking watch with a lot to offer. The more intricate version is identical in design, but if has a little more put into it. The added hour, minute, and second dial counters add to the functionality and even the look of the watch. This watch is made well and looks good, making it a perfect choice for almost any buyer.

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Fortis Flieger

Fortis FliegerThe pure simplicity of the Fortis Flieger, along with the superior engineering behind it, make this watch a watch to be cherished and treasured. Though the structure and details are basic, the classic style they create is easy to wear and doesn’t overload the onlookers. Available with or without an alarm with a reddish brown or black strap, or without an alarm in only black, this watch gives you options so you can choose based on your personal style and also what you need it for.

It also come in another interesting variety: all black, including bezel, dial, and wrist strap with stitching. However, the cool part about it is that the numbers are 24 hour markings, not the traditional 12. The leather wrist strap, in both brown and black, are created with white contrast stitching to add character to the look. The black dial, stainless steel fixed bezel, and white d4etailing top off a watch which will last through trend shifts and survive almost anything.

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Fortis Pilot Professional

Fortis PilotFortis has mastered the art of simple, bold, and classy watchmaking. And a perfect example of their art is the Pilot Professional. There are only two variations of this watch, and at first glance they appear to be identical. However, when you look more closely you will see that they have a few subtle difference. First of all, they do have the same numbering and styling, however one of them has a little bit more to offer.

The first type of Fortis Pilot watch has only number and second markings, a date ticker, and the typical second, minute, and hour hand. The second version has all of these things, with a an added feature. The additional chronograph increases the function of this watch while keeping the same style. They both also have a black face and white markings, along with a fixed steel bezel. The only difference in appearance between the two is the crocodile leather on the more intricate one, instead of the basic leather. Both are quite beautiful, and it is up to you to choose which is best.

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