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Founded in Bienne, Switzerland by Eugene Maylan in 1914, the Glycine watch company has been supplying top-of-the-line watches for decades. By mastering highly precise movements for watches, he was able to issue his self-invented wind-up watches around 1931. Over the years, the company has continued to come out with innovative and classy watches, including the revolutionary VACUUM chronometers in 1952 which were made to be highly resistant to water and shock. They also released the AIRMAN series which allowed wearers two different time zones at a glance. Their creative inventions have allowed them to expand internationally and sell their incredible watches to people around the globe.

Glycine Airman

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Glycine AirmanCreated with the idea of being able to read the times of multiple time zones at the glance of your watch, the innovative Glycine Airman watch is both striking to see and convenient. The initial idea was thought-up around 1953, and since then the design has been modified and altered up until now, producing the awe-inspiringly beautiful and helpful watch it is today. It comes in far to many models to describe here, but the basic design of most of them is a large face with three separate dials, each capable of being individually set for a different time. Some are in 24-hour time, and others are run in the traditional 12-hour time. Regardless of the watch from the Airman series that you choose, you are sure to be getting a well-conditioned, inventive, and stylish watch.

Glycine Incursore

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Glycine Incursore watchThe first of the big-sized watches from Glycine, this watch has been created with boldness and classiness in mind, while being still rather simple in design. The large face of the watch is eye-catching and stands out. The solid dial and the big, simple-font numbering make this watch modest without being plain. Available in several styles that are a combination of leather, stainless steel, black, and white, along with the occasional burst of color or brown wrist strap, there are so many choices as to which of these modern watches you will choose. However, regardless of which one you decide on, you are sure to be getting a wonderful piece of machinery that has so much history behind it.

Glycine Combat

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Glycine Combat WatchThere is a lot of variance within this collection of watches; some are quite intricate, yet some are simple and modest. They all, however, keep with the general color scheme within the series, a black, white, steel, and leather combination. They do have some differences, however. Some of the bases are thicker and more prominent than others. There are also a bunch of different movements, dial types, and features within the group. Some even have splashes of color within them, such as blue diving bezels or red marking details. Each, however is still a wonderful watch that is well-made and gorgeous.

Glycine Lagunare

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Glycine LagunareBy making the Lagunare, Glycine managed to make a watch that, though a little out of character, is still beautiful and functional. Typically, Glycine makes more simple yet bold watches that aren’t colorful, but are still striking. These watches, however, are more intricately detailed and have several models which come in colorful variations. The bold diving bezel and the patterned dials that some of the watches in this series have give character to the watch they are placed on. With bright models such as a bright yellow overall color, or watches with more vibrantly hued dials, these watches are truly works of productive art.

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