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George Graham was remembered as the father of the chronograph, he was also the brains behind inventions such as the dead beat cylinder escapement, the first wall clock chronograph and the mercury pendulum. Nowadays Graham is a contemporary watch bran that dedicates itself to mechanical arts enthusiasts. The British brand made by the Swiss create imposing wrist machines.

Graham watches are reworking and rethinking the core meaning of a mechanical sports watch. They are masculine designs bristling with an aggressive military theme. In just two years since Grahams emergence they have managed to create two of the most iconic instruments in this new era of watch making. The first was the Chronofighter

Graham Chronofighter WatchGRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER

Founder and CEO, Eric Loth looked back to the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Particularly at the British RAF bombers who wore similar precision time keepers strapped to their wrists. In order for the bombs to be deployed correctly it was vital that they were so at precise, pre-determined intervals. The massive chronographs they wore were fixed with oversized trigger mechanisms so they could operate them even with gloved hands.

The aggressive Graham Chronofighter has a feature trigger mechanism that activates the co axial chronograph pusher that is recessed into the watch crown. Above the trigger is a pusher used to reset the watches chronograph to zero.

Recently Graham has pushed the boundaries with regards to the high performance materials they are using in the Chronfighter Oversized Commando by using ceramic, carbon fibre and Titanium. The main thing is not just in the materials used but in the way they are used, for instance, the use of ceramic for the buckle is because of the wear this area sustains. The use of titanium for the case is to keep it lightweight. Forged carbon used for the bezel is used for its durability and the use of steel in the trigger area is to maximize the stiffness in this area.

Graham Swordfish Grillo WatchGraham Swordfish Grillo Alarm GMT

This watch has the first optical big date. This is the new model of the Swordfish style that took the watch industry by storm in 2005. Whilst maintaining its dipping lugs, intricately built case and cleverly textured crowns, this new model sets itself apart with its single eye to magnify the date dramatically, leaving ample room for the GMT function and the new alarm function.

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Nándor Berki February 15, 2012 at 10:40 am

GRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER want to buy a watch!
How much does it cost? How can I pay?

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Manuel Cruz May 2, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Are graham watches ETA movements? If some are ETA, I want to know if the STOWE GMT and the Black Sahara are ETA or has in-house movement. Which one are ETA?


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