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A masterful maker of wrist watches and pocket watches for well over a century, IWC watches are one company that has a wonderful history behind it. Because of this experience they have had in the business over the decades, they have come to produce some of the highest quality luxury watches. Their accomplishments range from the first digital watch to being one of the first to supply electricity to their watch factory to opening a museum, this company has really been through a lot.

They even survived an accidental bombing of their factory in 1944 by the American air force which experienced a fatal error. Through all the years and experiences that they have gone through, they have come out of it all to make exceptional watches of the highest standard, IWC is an abbreviation of International Watch Co.

IWC big pilot

IWC Big Pilot WatchThe large size of this watch is sure to turn heads, while the excellent design is what will keep them looking. The 18k white gold case surrounds a jet black dial, a face which carries three white hands, hour minute and second, and white markings for the numbers, which include all the numbers except the traditional 12, 3, 6, and 9. The watch face also includes a date counter and the IWC logo.

The wind-up, mechanical movements brings the watch to life, and the watch has a staggering 7 day power reserve when fully wound. The buyer can choose from a black or dark brown alligator strap, the finishing touch to this stunning wearable timepiece. This watch is even mostly safe from magnetic influence due to the soft-iron inner case. The IWC Big Pilot watches are both elegant and brilliant, is sure to last a long time, just like the company itself. Though it may appear to just be a nice watch, there is so much more to it than that. It is a sum of the history of the company and it’s lessons learned over the years, and it has been made the way it has because of those experiences.

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IWC Spitfire

IWC Spitfire Watch
There are four members in the Spirtifre collection by IWC, each made unique and individually interesting. It has four different versions of the watch, each very similar but with a different type of face.

The four variations of faces it is available in include: a silver black and red double chronograph, an all-silver chronograph, a date display, a basic silver dial with a semi-circular 24 hour display for the seasoned traveler, and last but not least a plain and simple silver dial with the traditional numbering.

Each one serves its own purpose while remaining elegant and classic. The double chronograph, the most intricate of the four, is available only with a brown leather strap. However, with the remaining three you have the choice between brown alligator or stainless steel link wrist straps. Each IWC Spitfire watch is built with a soft-iron magnetic field protection feature, sapphire crystal and mechanical, self-winding movement, ensuring that each is well made. Regardless of which variety you choose, this watch is a treasure to be cherished for decades.

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IWC Top Gun

IWC Top Gun WatchesLimited edition and with only 250 made in the world, this striking black Top Gun watch is made for the daring and the bold. Extra large in size and made with intricate details, this watch is not for the shy. The case is made of black ceramic, the wrist strap is black nylon, and the dial is black as well. All of the darkness is contrasted wonderfully by the white markings of the numbers, hands, date ticker, and sub-dials.

It is only available in one color variation, but the look of it is so fantastic that it more than makes up for it. This modern and stunning IWC Top Gun watches features a double chronograph, mechanical self-winding movement, and a 40-hour power reserve. It even boasts a water resistance depth of 60 meters (200 feet), a quality that is both functional and convenient. With all that this watch has to offer, it’s a shame that there are so few around. However, is you can manage to get your hands on one, it is a luxury item you can treasure for a long time.

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