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In 1989, Barry Cohen, already a member of the watch making business, decided to develop Luminox watches that had a new kind of technology. To quote his mantra, “necessity if the mother of invention.” And that is exactly what happened: he saw a need to be met and he met it. He realized that it becomes difficult to see in the dark and as you grow older and your eyesight degrades, so he decided to go to a company working on a self-powered lighting system. He bought the rights to it, started a new kind of watch company, and the rest is history. The technology is now known as Luminox Light Technology and is used by other brands as well.

Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch

Luminox Navy Seal Dive WatchesThis boldly colored watch, the Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch, is made to work and made to last. The 6 variations it comes in (3001, 3003, 3005, 3007, 3013, 3017) give the wearer variety and choice, while the superior manufacturing makes the wearer know that they are wearing an amazing watch.

The style aspect of the watch is only half of it. Available with a black, white, yellow, blue, green, or tan background, and black or white lettering depending on the color, this watch creates a statement without being over the top. Because the rest of the styling in bold yet simple, the overall feeling from the watch is eye-catching, yet still classy.

However there is also the technical aspect to it. With a bezel, 200 meter water resistance, a 45 month battery life, and the trademark Luminox lighting on the hands, the Navy Seal Dive watches are sure to meet both your athletic and style needs.

Luminox Field Watch

Luminox Field Watch Though this watch is capable of going down to 100 meters underwater, it is not exactly for diving. With a fixed bezel instead of a diver’s one, this watch is more for play rather than work. The looks of this watch are what really make it. With a large circular shape and bold numbering, this timepiece is definitely a head-turner.

Available with dials that are off-white, black and neon lime green, this watch, depending on which color you get, can be simple and basic, or bright and noticeable. Either way, this watch is beautiful and innovative due to the Luminox signature light technology it features. Whatever the reason that your eyesight might not be at its best, whether it be low light or vision impairments, the Luminox Field watch will shed some light on the matter and help you to tell the time.

Luminox Colormark

luminox Colormark 3050 watchAs the name implies, this watch was built to be colorful. With a bold, solid black base and wrist strap, it is the perfect canvas on which to place the bright colors of the details.

On each of the Luminox ColorMark Watches, the numbers, hands, diving bezel markings, and all other markings are a vivid color, augmented my Luminox lighting along the number marks and the hands. The watch comes in 5 different colors: white, blue, yellow, orange, and green. Each color is vibrant and is sure to be noticed.

It isn’t all about looks with this watch, though. It has a 200 meter water resistance along with a 45 month battery life. The Color Mark watch may seem like it’s all about the looks, but inside there is a lot of innovation at work.

Luminox Night View

Luminox Night View

This watch is made with many different innovative technical perks. It boasts a jeweled Swiss quartz movement, 100 meter water resistance, 45 month battery life, and a tempered scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and that isn’t even all of them. Well-made and yet still stylish, the Luminox Night View watch gives you the best of both worlds. The stylishness of the watch complements all the mechanical aspects quite well.

Made in black, dark green, dark blue, bright yellow, tan, white, and vivid red, this timepiece gives the buyer options. Just like all the Luminox watches, the colors are added to by the Luminox lighting to aid in nighttime reading of the time. Whatever you decide to choose, however, you are always going to be getting a high quality and top looking Luminox watch.

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