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Big, bigger, and biggest are only a few words to describe the watches sold by TW Steel. Famous for and dedicated to selling only the hugest of watches, they have made a name for them selves by making their trademark style larger than life. Their six individual collections, Canteen style, Goliath, Grandeur, diver, tech, and CEO, allow both men and women to find that perfect watch. Their philosophy of aiming to produce only oversized watches fosters bold and daring decisions in their design. That being the case, they pull this idea off with grace. No matter how you look at it, TW Steel watches are a big part of the watch making world.

TW Steel Canteen Watch

TW Steel Canteen WatchA diverse and varied collection, the colors and the style, though similar, are each unique. From the entirely black, hands and all, to the all white with a diamond circle surrounding the round face, to the eye-catching black and gold kind that has just the right amount of flashiness, each of these watches is a wonder to behold.

The size, though large, also changes slightly throughout the collection with some being 45 mm and some being 50mm. The two side-by-side dots that are part of the TW Steel logo decorate the wrist strap next to the face. With a quartz movement behind the scenes, the TW Steel Canteen watch is a well-run, well-designed timepiece with dramatic accents that will make people look twice.

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TW Steel Grandeur

TW Steel Grandeur WatchTW Steel has many collections, each beautiful and striking to say the least. Perhaps one of the most classy and elegant of them all is the TW Steel Grandeur collection.

They worked with metals like top-quality gold and stainless steel to make up the watches, and leather and alligator skin wrist straps to create timepieces that are works of art. Each watch bears the TW Steel logo, the name of the company with their signature two dots above.

The combinations they used to create these watches turned out stunningly, with models including a gold watch with black leather bands, and white-faced stainless steel watch with a brown alligator leather wrist strap. Regardless of which item in the collection that you choose to focus on, each individual TW Steel Grandeur watch has its own elegant and classic, yet still big and bold style.

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TW Steel Goliath

TW Steel Goliath WatchesAn edgier and even bolder look to the watches have been perfected in the TW Steel Goliath watch.

They have gone one step further into the world of bold watches and what they have created are eye-catching and make an impact. In this collection, they didn’t just stick to simple white stitching and plain leather bands; in this series they added a lot of details that make the pieces quite a pleasure to look at and wear.

In this collection, a certain watch that particularly stands out as extravagant without being tacky is the TW 107 and 108. There are essentially the same watch, except the 108 is larger, a variety that would be expected from TW Steel. The band and face of the watch are pure white, which is elegant by itself, but the watch, hands, and trademark dual dots are all gold.

The TW Steel Goliath watches, with its expert design and chronograph precision movement, definitely stands out from all the rest.

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TW Steel Tech

TW Steel Tech WatchThe ultimate in big, bold watches, TW Steel is constantly outdoing themselves with their innovative creations. The Tech series of watches is edgy without being too overpowering, and bold without being too tacky. It seems every watch they make is great in a new way.

The TW Steel Tech watch, though, is in a class all of its own. With a common theme throughout of steel, black, white, red, and a bit of gold, these watches are a wonder to behold individually, and as a set. Like many of the other watches this brand makes, there are multiple sizes for some watches, making them bigger and therefore better.

The automatic movement and the 100 meter waterproofing make the TW Steel Tech watch not only fashionable, but also functional. Materials like steel, rubber, and a little gold make this stunning group of watches well made, beautiful, and classic, while keeping a big edge.

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