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The brand Welder watches may already be a familiar name with the company name that is behind them. In 1942, Officine Fotana, a timepiece company in Italy at the time, had the brilliant idea to design a series of watches that would be easily read in submarines with low light levels.

Their idea went cold after the initial phases, however, and they never did actually make the watches they planned. Flash forward to the year 2000 when a related company called Italo Fotana discovered the designs and turned their planning into products by launching their U-Boat watch collection. With the first wheels set in motion, they continued to grow and branch out to develop their collection of Welder watches. Since then their watches have gained prestige and become loved by collectors everywhere.

Welder K23

Welder K23 WatchThis bold yet still wearable watch K23 collection by Welder is versatile concerning style with its 7 different variations. The options with this watch are each unique. Some are fashioned with wide straps, and some with thin straps.

The watches faces are done in white, black, even gold. Even the numbers and hands were created intuitively, with colors from bright white to orange to sea green and more. But beauty isn’t everything with these timepieces. When they were made there was also function in mind.

With Miyota 2115 quartz movements, these watches come with an hour, minute, and second stopwatch and a date tracker. However this function is paired with incredible design. There are many creative details that you wouldn’t notice at first, but when you look closely, you realize how unique these watches really are. You definitely get a complete package with the Welder K23 watch

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Welder K24

Welder K24 WatchesIf there were only one thing to say about the Welder K24 collection of watches, it would be that the designs are infinitely interesting. With each watch a different experience, this collection contains watches with atypical numbering, the brightest of bright colors, and dual-toned clock faces with contrasting tones.

The base of the watch is made of everything from solid gold to silver to black or gray rubber. To complement these beginnings are the fascinatingly unique faces to the watches. A bold true red with an almost black dark red background gives the look of glowing and is striking to say the least. Some of the faces are all black, numbers and all, to give a subtle and sleek appearance.

All the faces are individual and eye-catching, but there is more to the Welder K24 watch than that. Run by Miyota OS10 quartz movement, it features a second-counter in the middle and a day of the month ticker. No matter how you look at it, watch has an all around appeal.

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Welder K25

Welder K25 WatchModern and great at making an impact, the Welder K25 watch is a stunning and bold choice of a watch. The straight-edged square shape, the Miyota 2115 quartz movement, and the black, silver, and red color scheme throughout the collection makes every watch incredible.

The aspects of this design are out-there and wild, yet still classy and cool. The modern details and overall theme to the watches stand out and demand attention without being flashy. Like the other models by Welder watches, there are interesting number placements; instead of the typical twelve, three, six, and nine, they have chosen to alter it by displaying just the six or, creatively, the ten, two, four, and eight.

The wrist strap is made of rubber, allowing the Welder K25 watch to be casual, while the pieces all put together make the watch okay for almost any occasion.

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Welder K29

Welder K29 WatchesPerhaps the most interesting, detailed, and intricate watch that Welder makes is the K29. Brimming with creative design, this watch is truly a treasure. This watch only comes in 4 variations, but each definitely has its charm. Brought into motion by Model 8002 Triple Movement, this watch will run well and last long.

The first style, a black watch with a shimmering, round, white face, has black detailing such as hands and numbers, along with screw accents. Even the face itself is imaginatively thought up. It is sectioned abstractly and includes two miniature alternate clocks and a separate hour, minute, and second counter.

The Welder K29 watch also comes in solid black, black with red accents, and black with white accents. Whatever color you choose from your Welder watches, it is bound to complement your style any time.

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